Researching Italian Genealogical Records Becoming More Difficult

It has become increasingly difficult to research our Italian ancestry and it will become even worse. The following factors are responsible:

Draconian privacy legislation
Limited access to all archival repositories
Lack of staff in civil and church archives
Very few professional genealogists in Italy
Extreme lack of interest for genealogy by the Italian public
Continuing government cutbacks in all state and local archives
Continuing administrative changes in Italian geography
Billions of records in municipal, provincial, state, church and private archives are not indexed

Flavio Andreatta, Genealogist, Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada, July 12, 2018.

IGHSC 21st Anniversary Dinner 2013

Society members at Paglione Estate Winery.

Society members and guests at Paglione Estate Winery.

The Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada celebrated its 21st anniversary on November 6th with a wine and pizza dinner at Paglione Estate Winery near Harrow Ontario. Winery owners and hosts Sam and Nancy Paglione served up the best brick oven pizza and quality wines we have ever had. The Paglione Estate Winery is now the official winery of the Society! To see all the pictures taken and a short video of Sam playing the accordion, go to our Google web album.

Society Registers New Coat-of-arms

Logo Società (2) June 2013The Society has recently updated and registered a new coat-of-arms. Our coat-of-arms features the symbol of the roman eagle in the shield set on top an azure blue background, which is our society colour as well as the official colour of Italy. The lower left tri-colour ribbon represents the flag of Italy, as the lower right ribbon of red and white represents the flag of Canada. The lions on either side of the shield are supporters that serve an ornamental function.

Flavio Andreatta Wins Governor General Medals

Society President Flavio Andreatta

On February 4, 2011, our Society President, Flavio Andreatta, was awarded the Governor General of Canada Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal for 20 years of loyal and exemplary service to law enforcement in Canada.  On the same date, Flavio was awarded the Governor General of Canada Medal Bar for 30 years of loyal and exemplary service to law enforcement in Canada.

Flavio Andreatta states, “I am very proud to be the first and only Italian born Citizenship and Immigration Officer and Minister’s Delegate to have received the highest amount of awards from the Canadian Government.”

The Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada

Logo Società (2) June 2013

Welcome to the Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada. We are a Canadian national non-profit charity dedicated to tracing your Italian family roots through our research in genealogy and heraldry (coats-of-arms). Our Society has the largest library of books outside of Italy for researching your Italian family history. Please feel free to check out the “About the IGHSC” page for more information. A $50.00 tax deductible donation to the Society is appreciated to answer genealogy and heraldry queries. Serious inquiries only.