The book is available online or at any Chapters/Indigo/Coles bookstores. It is also available at Juniper Books on Ottawa St in Windsor. For those who prefer to get the book from the library, it can be had from any Windsor Public Library.

MONTREAL\ aise\ – È uscito in stampa “Waiting for Chrysanthemums” di Marisa De Franceschi. Pubblicato dalla Longbridge Books di Montreal, il nuovo romanzo in lingua inglese racconta la storia di Lily, una donna forte ma sensibile, coinvolta in un omicidio che travolgerà la sua famiglia. Chi ha ucciso Sal Guerra? E perché? Il giallo Waiting for Chrysanthemums sarà presentato nell’ambito della 24esima edizione della Settimana italiana di Montreal, il 9 agosto alle 19:00 alla Casa d’Italia (505 rue Jean-Talon est, Montreal). L’ingresso è libero e aperto a tutti.
Marisa De Franceschi è nata a Muris (Udine) nel 1946. È arrivata in Canada nel 1948. Per molti anni ha insegnato la letteratura a Windsor, nell’Ontario. Ha ricevuto diversi premi per i suoi racconti. Un volume di poesie intitolato Random Thoughts è stato pubbblicato nel 2010. Nel 1998 Marisa De Frabceschi ha curato l’antologia Pillars of Lace, scritti di donne italo-canadesi. Oggi vive a Windsor con suo marito. Ha un figlio e due nipotini. (aise.it)

Marisa De Franceschi publishes new book “Random Thoughts”

A New Book by Windsor Author Marisa De Franceschi

 (Windsor, ON) Monday, August 16, 2010Longbridge Books, a publishing house based in Montreal, has recently released Random Thoughts: Poetry and Prose Sketches by Marisa De Franceschi. 

 A welcome addition to Canadian literature, Random Thoughts is a collection of short prose sketches which express the often complicated feelings one may have for sons, daughters, husbands, sisters, friends, and the world at large. The sketches are sometimes lighthearted and whimsical, but they can also be poignant expressions of disappointment, disbelief, and distaste for what the writer is witness to. Although the tone may vary from piece to piece, the overwhelming drive and goal is to spotlight situations that will cause the reader to ponder what is really happening beneath the surface. The author’s priorities are to entertain but also to encourage a rethinking of our relationships with our fellow man.

Marisa De Franceschi has published four books including the novel Surface Tension (1994), the short story collection Family Matters (2001) and the anthology Pillars of Lace (1998). Her short stories, articles and book reviews have appeared in publications such as Canadian Author & Bookman, Pure Fiction and Accenti Magazine. She is a college professor in Windsor.

 Available at : Chapters/Indigo online and Longbridge Books, Montreal